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Seismic change is coming to the apparel and textile industry, and fast. The EU is developing a range of environmental and social policies and regulations that will place serious demands on brands and retailers operating in or placing products on the European common market. Countries and states are also moving ahead with their own legislative agendas. Additionally, given the urgent environmental and social trends facing society, customers, investors, and other stakeholders are expecting significantly more from apparel and textile companies in terms of their overall social and environmental performance.

To help apparel and textiles companies stay updated and prepare for these developments, SFA has launched a learning series and innovation network.

“Being a network member has not only saved us a lot of time and effort to find and make sense of new sustainability developements related to our industry, but it also provides information and insights that are appreciated by other parts of our organization. To have such knowledgeable people connected to the network is an amazing resource.” – Maria Schartau, CSR Coordinator, Snickers Workwear

“As the CEO for a well-established and growing company, I need insight into the most current and relevant developments in our industry. I must also spend my time wisely. The information delivered by the Learning & Innovation Network is definitely worth my time. By focusing on the impacts for our business and by providing hands-on information the network provides a unique value to me and my senior level colleagues.” – Elisabeth Peregi, CEO, Kappahl

“For our company to succeed in this new landscape we need to integrate sustainability into the core of our business strategy and practices. And this means involving all functions in the business. That is why this network is helpful for Peak Performance. Not only am I as a sustainability manager able to learn and network with my peers, but I can also educate and support my colleagues in buying, production, marketing, logistic and finance to integrate sustainability into their work. Brands and retailers will be in for a shock if they do not stay up to date on the latest sustainability policies, regulations, and innovative solutions coming down the pipeline, and SFA is the best organisation to support our industry to stay ahead of this curve.” – Julia Bergh, R&D Manager/Interim Sustainability Manager, Peak Performance

Learning Themes

The Learning & Innovation Network offers a series of webinars and discussions structured around three learning themes addressing challenges and opportunities in the apparel and textiles industry. The majority of sessions are focussing on Learning Theme 1, Emerging Legislation & Policy.

Learning Theme 1: Emerging Legislation & Policy
How can my company understand and start to prepare for the upcoming EU A Textile Strategy and national policies and the resulting regulation that will affect the apparel and textiles industries?

Learning Theme 2: Integrating Sustainability Into Your Core Business
How can my company ensure sustainability is more centrally integrated into the core of our business strategy and processes and has the buy-in from top management?

Learning Theme 3: Pioneering Practices
Which cutting edge practices and solutions exist for improving sustainability performance?

Do you want to learn more about the Network’s Learning Themes? Please get in touch!

Target Audiences

The Learning & Innovation Network and its webinar series is aimed at:

Professionals working in fashion, sport and outdoor, workwear, and textile-related businesses

Small, medium, and larger companies

Within the series of webinars offered, different webinars are relevant for different people in your organizations. Some webinars are relevant for CEOs, CFOs and C-suite leaders, and others for buyers, product designers, marketing and communications specialists, sustainability managers, etc.

The network provides a much needed place for sustainability managers to discuss and collaborate.


The learning series is delivered in the form of online webinars, on average two webinars per month. Each webinar lasts a maximum of two hours and includes both presentations and breakout groups, allowing participants to discuss the implications and application of each webinar with industry peers.

As part of the network, we provide opportunities for participants to propose topics of their own choosing on a regular basis, thus providing the flexibility to discuss specific challenges and opportunities as they arise. Members can use these opportunities to invite others within the network to collaborate or work on joint projects.

Participants are also given access to a private Microsoft Teams site where recordings of the webinars, along with other materials, are available for download during the year.

Network Membership Fees (Annual)

10,000 SEK / 1,000 EUR for companies with a yearly turnover of less than 150 Million SEK / 15 Million EUR

20,000 SEK / 2,000 EUR for companies with a yearly turnover between 150 Million SEK / 15 Million EUR and 1,000 Million SEK / 100 Million EUR

25,000 SEK / 2,500 EUR for companies with a yearly turnover of more than 1,000 Million SEK / 100 Million EUR.

To register for the Learning & Innovation Network or to receive more information, please contact Michael Schragger at


If you have any questions, we are here to help.

No, you do not need to attend all the sessions. You can pick and choose which sessions are relevant for you. For instance, some webinars may be more relevant for your colleagues in departments such as buying, or marketing and communications. We will make clear which target groups we think should attend. However, you may want to appoint a network coordinator to ensure other people in your organization are aware of and attend the sessions you think are relevant for them.

SFA has extensive experience working with sustainability in apparel and textiles and is also a member of a number of international sustainability focused industry organizations. The SFA Learning & Innovation Network is designed to complement these other networks, adding value by both creating a robust network for sustainability managers and a place to engage top management and other core functions in your company. Without their engagement, sustainability will never become core to your business.

To start, each company will be able to send a maximum of ten people per webinar.

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