Our Mission

The Sustainable Fashion Academy’s (SFA) mission is to exponentially accelerate progress towards science-based sustainability targets and the global sustainability goals (SDGs) by leveraging the power and influence of the apparel and textiles industry.

To achieve this, we focus on the following areas:

Research & Analysis

We identify gaps in important research and analysis and initiate research projects to address these gaps, which is then used to inform better decision-making.
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Inspiration, Education & Training

We inspire, educate and train change agents, including business professionals, government representatives, NGO advocates and representatives from the media.
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Mobilizing Stakeholders

We mobilize key stakeholders to advance better legislation, increase financial investment and accountability, all of which are key enablers to transform the apparel and textiles industry.
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SFA is a non-profit social purpose organization, with its headquarters in Sweden. It is operated by the Forum for Design & Sustainable Enterprise, which is owned by the Foundation for Design & Sustainable Enterprise. Any revenues generated through SFA’s activities are reinvested in SFA’s mission driven activities, as the organization does not have any individual private shareholders.

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