Below, you can browse through a selection of testimonials on some of SFA’s activities: the SFA Learning & Innovation Network, our Sustainability Fundamentals online course, Tailored training, as well as the Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA).

SFA Learning & Innovation Network

Maria Schartau, CSR Coordinator, Snickers Workwear
“Being a network member has not only saved us a lot of time and effort to find and make sense of new sustainability developments related to our industry, but it also provides information and insights that are appreciated by other parts of our organization. To have such knowledgeable people connected to the network is an amazing resource.
“SFA’s Learning and Innovation network is an exceptional way to understand and prepare for the regulation and legislation jungle in this ever-changing world of sustainability performance. Staying up to speed is hard. Very hard. Being a small sustainability team, we would not be able to do this on our own. We get help from the best of the best in the webinars arranged by the network. They make us feel more secure. And they always seem to zero in on what we currently are working on or wondering about. The webinars and material are also a great way to spread knowledge internally. These people are wise like a book.”
“We are in the ‘decade of change’ and all of us in the textile industry have a steep learning curve ahead of us. We all need updated knowledge regarding the latest legislative developments, concrete and scientific facts for sustainability improvements and support for translating the learnings into action. This network addresses the need for top management buy-in, involvement of all key functions in the company and offers a strong voice of fact-based and scientific feedback to policy developers and other stakeholders. Sharing experiences enables us to create the necessary speed in the transition of our industry.”

The Sustainability Fundamentals Online Course

Liesbet Bombeke, sustainability manager at
“At e5 Fashion, we participated in The Sustainability Fundamentals course with a cross functional group from buying, design and sustainability. It was the silver bullet to start internal discussions on where to focus next and how to evolve further towards a more sustainable business. It sparked conversations and helped us set the guidelines for our sustainability strategy.”
BASTIAAN SCHUTMAN, Sustainability Expert Staff Engagement, Global Sustainability Department, H&M Group
“Nowadays, our sustainability teams and internal stakeholders are primarily focussed on business integration to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals. Onboarding our business colleagues to build more understanding and a common language is the best place to start. SFA’s Sustainability Fundamentals online course is our preferred learning tool to provide a solid introduction to the key sustainability challenges and present the solutions available. With already more than 650 colleagues in all parts of the business certified, we keep investing in staff to inspire and enable them to take action in their role. We share this passion with the SFA learning team.”
Nicole Modigh, Sustainability Consultant for businesses within planning & communication, Creator of sustainable art/design
“The Sustainability Fundamentals course has given me a broad and professional view of the sustainability issues and solutions connected to the fashion industry. I like that the course steered the focus towards the solutions and the positive side of an industry so dirty and unfair – this made me both hopeful and full of inspiration to contribute and influence companies in new ways towards more consciousness and sustainability.”

Tailored Training


“To date, more than 75.000 H&M Group employees have completed the H&M Fundamentals course developed and produced in partnership with the Sustainable Fashion Academy. Our goal is to have all H&M Group employees complete this course within the next year.”

The Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA)

Johanna Myrman Kristoffersen, Deputy Director of Food, Climate and Energy Dept, WWF
“Today, the fashion industry is responsible for around 4 percent of global GHG emissions, and the industry is expected to grow. To stay on the 1.5°C pathway, we have ten years to halve emissions. We can do it, but we need to work together and speed up our efforts. Here, industry initiatives like STICA play a significant role in achieving this.”
Anna Winde, VP Sustainability, NA-KD
“Climate change is the most daunting challenge that humanity has ever faced. We need to partner with our customers, our industry peers, and our business partners, to create a more sustainable fashion industry, which includes delivering on NAKD’s ambitious plan to reduce our absolute climate emissions by 50% by 2030. Through our membership in STICA we have the opportunity to collaborate within the industry, with both small and large companies, to take joint urgent climate action to transform the industry, and transition to a climate neutral value chain. Together we can make a greater difference!”
“We at Kappahl take responsibility for the impact our business has on the planet. Since 2017, we have reduced Kappahl’s emissions by seven percent, but that is not enough. We know that we need to act now, that we only have ten years to adapt. In order to reduce the climate impact in our value chain, we need to both take actions ourselves as well as participate in industry-wide initiatives with clear goals. Kappahl has, together with STICA, committed ourselves to reducing emissions in line with the UN’s 1.5 degree target. To achieve lasting change, cooperation towards the common goal is absolutely crucial.”
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