Dr. Jennifer Hinton Thinks Not-for-Profit Business Models Can Help Us Address The Problems of Fast Fashion.

Jennifer Hinton

0:53:25 / May 08, 2024
Dr. Jennifer Hinton, author and Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Centre for Environmental and Climate Science at University of Lund, has concluded that our current for-profit economic model is a root cause of many of today's sustainability challenges generally, and specifically in apparel and fashion. ...

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About the podcast

Welcome to Big Closets Small Planet – the podcast exploring what it will take to transform the fashion and apparel industry so that it contributes positively to the lives of people and the health of the planet.

Join host Michael Schragger as he examines the problems facing the industry and the strategies and solutions that are required to change it. Listen in as he talks with experts and colleagues – the business leaders, activists, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, investors, legislators, consumers and citizens – inspiring people who are racing against the clock to develop and implement more sustainable solutions.

Tell us what’s on your mind! Do you have ideas to help transform the apparel industry, or opinions about the topics or insights made by the host or guests? Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas, comments or feedback at bigclosets@sustainablefashionacademy.org

About the host

Michael Schragger has been working at the intersection between sustainability, business, society and research for more than 25 years. He is an expert in analysing the impacts of environmental and social developments on business and society and mobilising stakeholders to achieve key sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

In 2009 Michael founded the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) in order to dramatically improve environmental and human rights performance within the fashion and apparel industry. 

Michael participates as a senior advisor for a range of global sustainable apparel initiatives, ranging from finance to policy. He is a member of the steering group for The United Nation’s Climate Action in Fashion Charter. He also co-founded and directs The Swedish Textiles Initiative for Climate Action.

Michael currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife Erika and kids Oz and Blimah (who, unfortunately, refuse to listen to his podcasts…).

Portrait Michael Schragger

What People Are Saying


A great source of inspiration
I love to listen to the Big Closets Small Planet podcast when bicycling to work. Just this morning I listened to the latest podcast focusing on Innovation & Climate Change. The podcast is a great source of inspiration and it actually gives me hope that we will be able to solve the global challenges we are now facing. It is just fantastic to see all the great initiatives evolving. A day with Big Closets Small Planet is a good day!

Fabian Nendza
Senior Sustainability Manager at Fenix Outdoor International


A platform for much needed dialog
The sustainable fashion space may seem well covered by the written media, but it remains difficult to get candid, unedited opinions and insights. By facilitating a more natural conversation with relevant leaders from the industry, Big Closets Small Planet provides a platform for much needed dialogue that complements existing sources of information and publications; a must for any change agent working in or with the apparel industry that I highly recommend.

Rogier van Mazijk
Investment Director at Fashion for Good


Recommend everyone to tune in!
I very much appreciate and deeply respect the well packaged highly relevant content brought to me by Mike and his podcast Big Closets Small Planet. I learn a lot in every episode and I recommend everyone in our industry to tune in!

Micke Magnusson
Head of Commercial at DyeCoo


You won’t be dissappointed
The Big Closets Small Planet podcast always manages to find engaging speakers on truly interesting topics in the sustainable fashion space. The quality of content is very high. The only problem I have is I can’t mentally switch off while listening to them in case I miss something! They aren’t podcasts for zoning out to. Michael is a warm and engaging host, allowing flow where it helps and keeping things snappy when needed. If you want to broaden your knowledge of developments in sustainable fashion, listen to this podcast. You won’t be disappointed.

Sam Gillick-Daniels
Lead Analyst at WRAP


A great place to start
Whether you are looking for introduction in the complex world of sustainable fashion or want to deepen your understanding on specific issues, the Big Closet Small Planet podcast series is a great place to start. As climate is changing before our eyes, it is forcing us to turn our attention to the future of our planet. Tune into the debate to find out more about the role of the fashion industry in this crucial journey.

Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu
Sectors Engagement Lead in Climate Action at UN Climate Change


So many renowned researchers
I listened to many episodes of the Big Closets Small Planet podcast series in the past. It is great that Mike Schragger and the Sustainable Fashion Academy give the floor to so many renowned researchers in the field and the interviews are all very interesting and informative. This series sheds a broad light on the many, often interdisciplinary and complicated issues pertaining to the fashion industry that need urgent attention and scientific exploration.

Dr. ir. Natascha M. van der Velden Ph.D.
Independent Researcher, Consultant, Author, Lecturer


An excellent resource for learning about sustainability
I find Big Closets Small Planet to be an excellent resource for learning about sustainability in the fashion industry as well as sustainability in general. I highly recommend it to my students (business school undergrads and majors) so they can learn about cutting edge issues in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is a great industry to look at in terms of sustainability because it is so central to much of the world’s economy. The podcast is rich with examples and cases of the innovative, the good, the possible, the avoidable, the catastrophic and the desirable in the world of sustainable fashion.

Mark Edwards
Assistant Professor at Jönköping University


A winning and entertaining combination
The Big Closets Small Planet podcast series is my go-to for the latest innovations within sustainable fashion. Mike Schragger’s ability to cut through the noise coupled with real industry innovator guests is a winning and entertaining combination.”

Dr. Dorothy Maxwell
Senior Director Sustainability at Davy


One of the best industry podcasts
Big Closets Small Planet is one of the best industry podcasts. This podcast covers issues on the forefront of the textile and apparel industry. Mike Schragger is able to ask the questions and get the answers we’ve been wanting from those actually making change and doing the work. – all in an atmosphere of fun camaraderie. Listening to BCSP is a great way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. The topics and the depth to which they are covered are accessible while relevant for industry professionals. Definitely worth one’s time!

Karla Magruder
Founder & President at Accelerating Circularity


Explores key leverage points for change
I am really enjoying the Big Closets Small Planet podcast. It takes an honest look at challenges and solutions, grounding the transition to a regenerative fashion industry in material, social and economic realities. This makes it a tangible and practical offer for business and civil society alike, especially when advocating for policies and practices that support corporations and supply chain systems to reimagine themselves. From transparency in reporting through to financial investment and product innovations, the podcast explores some of the key leverage points for change, with experienced guests and positively-framed conversations.

Dr. Jody Aked
Associate at Ideas Alliance


A must-listen in my podcast feed
Big Closet Small Planet continuously addresses the issues facing the apparel and textile industry with a global lens. With exceptional interview skills, Michael Schragger has a way of asking perplexing questions which get to the heart of the matter and leave the listener contemplating a new perspective. Always a must-listen in my podcast feed.

Tricia Carey
Director of Global Business Development Denim and Americas at Lenzing Group

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