The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

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The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

Latest News & Events

MARCH 2023

Kickstarting Climate Action: A Webinar Series for Apparel & Textile Brands and Retailers

Tuesdays, March 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2023, 1330-1600 CET
Offered by The Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) and Partners

Today apparel brands and retailers – and all companies working with textile and apparel – are expected to have a robust and credible climate action strategy. To ensure companies understand the importance of climate action for business success and to help them quickly get up to speed on what is required to accelerate their climate work, STICA is now offering a Kickstarting Climate Action webinar series. The series provides companies with an introduction to climate action as well as tips on how to start working with climate action. For companies who are considering joining STICA, the program also provides an opportunity to learn more about the initiative.

18-22 MARCH 2024

Climate Action Week for Fashion & Apparel

From March 18-22, The Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) will be hosting a week of climate action focused webinars. Join us for a week of learning, inspiration and ideas for effective action.

We hope to see you there!


#EUCircularTalks – Circular Business Models for Fashion & Apparel: How can policy make the economics work?

For the fashion and apparel industry to operate within the planetary boundaries, it will be necessary to shift to circular business models that decouple economic activity from the use of virgin materials and other resources. To achieve this, it will be necessary to break away from linear ways of doing business, and to boost the economic rationale for product longevity, reuse, repair and recycling.

What policy tools and mechanisms are needed on the road to 2030 to accelerate the uptake and positive impact of circular business models in apparel and textiles? How do the proposed EU Textile Strategy and related legislative proposals address circular business models and what are the policy gaps? 

During this webinar in February 2023, we heard perspectives and suggestions from various experts and stakeholders, including representatives from retail, social enterprise, city government and a repair/remanufacturing provider. We also heard the European Commission’s view on the role of policy and legislation in enabling the uptake of circular business models for textiles.

To view the video recording and slide presentationsof this webinar, please visit our event page.


Climate Action In Textiles - The European Parliament Must Do More

Without substantial changes in legislation, serious financial investment and rapid innovation, the pace of greenhouse gas reductions for companies and the industry overall will be too slow. That is why The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) and The Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) warmly welcomed the EU Commission’s Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles published in March 2022. However, the current proposals made by the EU Commission do not go far enough to incentivise climate action at the pace and scale that is required. But we still have a chance to do more. The European Parliament is developing its own initiative report on EU Textile Strategy and should use this as an opportunity to strengthen the proposals already made by the EU Commission. In particular the Parliament should strengthen the climate action provisions in the strategy and related legislation. SFA and STICA are calling for more stringent climate action to be considered in the EP INI report on the EU Textile Strategy and in the EU proposal for Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

October 2021

EU Textiles Climate Action Webinar

The EU Sustainable Textiles Strategy – How Do We Ensure Ambitious Climate Action Is Central to Upcoming Legislation?

With COP 26 fast approaching and a pioneering EU Sustainable Textiles Strategy in the making, it is crucial to discuss how to ensure ambitious climate action is prioritised in the coming EU Textiles Strategy. In October 2021, STICA, together with Members of Parliament Alice Bah Kuhnke and Delara Burkhard, organised a webinar where you can hear climate experts, members of the European Commission and DG Environment, as well as company representatives, climate finance experts, and NGOs discuss how to ensure climate action is central to upcoming legislation.

To view the video recording, slide presentations and reports of this webinar, please visit our event page.

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