WHY ONLINE TRAINING? | Sustainable Fashion Academy

Specialised Methodology For Industry Relevance

Online Education & Training Options

The Online Classroom

Traditional classroom learning has its advantages, but today’s apparel professionals require cost-effective solutions with highly flexible, efficient ways of learning that can be integrated into demanding schedules. Apparel companies, organisations and initiatives are rarely confined to a single region or country, and the benefits of online training reflects this.

Key Benefits of Online Training

  • Greatly reduced costs for training, travel, and time spent planning
  • Unlimited numbers of staff can be educated at the same time
  • Efficiency of training means accelerated change and results
  • Continual, ongoing tracking of participant progress and response
  • Diversified learning methods and improved learning
  • Greater flexibility for learners and their managers
  • Location is no longer a factor

Live, Customised and Tailored Training

We offer a wide range of training alternatives. Every organisation is different and inevitably has a unique set of requirements and challenges. You or your company could need advice on sustainable strategy at management level, or you may be ready to roll out staff training. There are no incorrect starting points or overnight solutions when it comes to sustainable apparel, and we’ll help you determine the best possible solution for your short and long terms goals.    If you’d like to speak with us about your company or organisation’s needs, please contact: Nina Wahlberg, Communications and Partnership Development Tel: +46 (0)768 379 034 Email: nina@sustainablefashionacademy.org