What Members Are Saying About STICA

“At Peak Performance we don’t just talk sustainability, we act on it. This network is all about climate action, real results and industry innovation. There is no time to delay. Join us and together we will amplify our impact while also ensuring our companies are prepared to succeed in this new business reality.” – Julia Bergh, R&D Manager/Interim Sustainability Manager, Peak Performance

“Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our entire planet and everyone living on it. H&M have set the goal of becoming climate positive across our entire value chain by 2040. Our vision is to use our size and scale to lead the change towards a circular and renewable fashion industry, but no company or organization can tackle those challenges alone. Together with the industry, stakeholders and business partners we can make a sustainable difference!” – Felicia Reuterswaerd, Resource Use & Circular Impact Lead, H&M Group

“The textile industry’s transition to a climate neutral value chain requires collaboration between us actors. With STICA we support the entire Swedish textile industry, both small and large enterprises, in taking climate action. Setting science-based targets for GHG reductions, transparent reporting of progress and last but not least to accomplish the transition to a climate neutral value chain are challenges that are best faced via joint action.” – Sandra Roos, Head of Sustainability, KappAhl

“Climate change is the most daunting challenge that humanity has ever faced. We need to partner with our customers, our industry peers, and our business partners, to create a more sustainable fashion industry, which includes delivering on NAKD’s ambitious plan to reduce our absolute climate emissions by 50% by 2030. Through our membership in STICA we have the opportunity to collaborate within the industry, with both small and large companies, to take joint urgent climate action to transform the industry, and transition to a climate neutral value chain. Together we can make a greater difference!” – Anna Winde, VP Sustainability, NAKD

“Joining STICA was the starting point for Nudie Jeans’ climate work as it looks today. The momentum created by the joined forces of all members as well as the expertise of STICA help us accelerate our climate focus. Today we are mapping our business’ full emissions for the third consecutive year and we are looking forward to creating roadmaps and action plans to reach our reduction targets. Both in collaborations with our suppliers, but also by support and knowledge sharing within STICA.” – Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager, Nudie Jeans Co

“We want to be at the industry forefront in terms of sustainability and be a company who actively works on reductions of its CO2 emissions. With STICA, we have found the direction we needed. We are supported in being provided methodologies to calculate and analyse our emissions, but also the with expertise that we need to build actions plans for the future and to set relevant targets. Furthermore, sharing Industry best practices between member companies is a great help and brings precious knowledge.” Gaëlle Allamigeon, Quality and Sustainability coordinator, Axel Arigato

“Our resources as a medium-sized company are limited, and staying up to speed with regulations, methods, reporting structures, and just networking with colleagues within fashion and sport can be challenging. Through STICA, we get access to knowledge and reap the benefits of a much larger organisation. Together with the other members, we have the chance to collectively raise concerns for the whole industry, get guidance on where to put our focus for achieving our climate goals, get support with senior leadership engagement, and the inspiration to become even better. STICA truly is a power, a fountain of knowledge and a channel for passion for change that makes a difficult area governable.” – Pernilla Johansson, Corporate Communications Manager, Björn Borg

“Varner acknowledges that the climate is changing, that our industry is contributing to that change, and that our supply chain, operations, and customers will continue to be impacted by the effects of climate change. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and to engaging constructively with industry peers, value chain partners, external stakeholders, and policymakers to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. We became members of The Swedish Textiles Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) in 2020 to learn from and contribute to the collective effort of the Nordic textile industry towards climate action. Being part of STICA helps in every facet of our climate action journey, whether it is anchoring climate action in the organisation, standardizing data collection effort or reduction target setting. Regular interaction with partner consultants at STICA as well as experience sharing from member brands help us accelerate our climate action efforts significantly.” – Dipankar Bose, Global Environmental Manager, Varner

“For Stadium it has been crucial to join STICA and cooperate with other members to get the best knowledge how we will be able to change and reduce our emissions. We have set an ambitious strategic goal where we want to reduce our total carbon footprint with 50 % by 2030. It is together with the rest of the industry that we can make a difference. The textile industry has a major impact on the climate and with that we also have a great responsibility to work to minimize our climate footprint.” – Titti Larsén, Quality & Sustainability Manager, Stadium

“At Gina Tricot we humbly recognize the tremendous task that we face in coming years to reduce our emissions. We believe in even bigger impact if we join forces with other textile companies within STICA and together drive positive change. STICA is very important for our continuous climate work, since managing this as a sole brand is tough. STICA is providing us with not only network and expertise but also hands-on ways to calculate our climate impact, set reduction targets as well as manage the necessary activities to reach our reduction goals.” – Rebecca Watkins, CSR and Quality Manager, Gina Tricot

“At Snickers Workwear, we believe that by working together, the industry can achieve more and work faster than any individual brand or company can do on its own. Therefore, our membership in the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) is an integral part of our continuous work to contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. Solving the climate crisis is a joint challenge, and by working together we can make real change. The initiative has provided great support and given our company the necessary insights enabling us to tackle the climate decade in a structured and time-efficient way.” – Camilla Monefeldt Kirstein, Director Business Unit Workwear, Hultafors Group

“For us at Tiger of Sweden, the major benefit of joining STICA is the opportunity to collaborate with numerous brands and set joint standards and targets. This also includes setting targets with our partners in the supply chain. This allows us to speed up the process from both a brand and supplier perspective.” – Linda Dauriz, CEO, Tiger of Sweden

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