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#EUCircularTalks - Circular Business Models for Fashion & Apparel: How can policy make the economics work?

For the fashion and apparel industry to operate within the planetary boundaries, it will be necessary to shift to circular business models that decouple economic activity from the use of virgin materials and other resources. To achieve this, it will be necessary to break away from linear ways of doing business, and to boost the economic rationale for product longevity, reuse, repair and recycling.

What policy tools and mechanisms are needed on the road to 2030 to accelerate the uptake and positive impact of circular business models in apparel and textiles? How do the proposed EU Textile Strategy and related legislative proposals address circular business models and what are the policy gaps?

During this webinar,  we heard perspectives and suggestions from various experts and stakeholders, including representatives from retail, social enterprise, city government and a repair/remanufacturing provider. We also heard the European Commission’s view on the role of policy and legislation in enabling the uptake of circular business models for textiles.

Webinar material

Webinar recording

Video recording of the webinar – view recording

Slide presentations

Valérie Boiten – “Make the economics work”: Policy goals for economic business models – view presentation

Gwen Cunningham – Circular Apparel Business Models – view presentation


Moderator: Michael Schragger, The Sustainable Fashion Academy

– Florian Marin, Member of the European Economic and Social Committe
– Michael Schragger, Director, The Sustainable Fashion Academy

Circular Business Models in Apparel & Textiles – the current state of play
– Gwen Cunningham, Textiles Lead, Circle Economy

Policy incentives for circular business models: what’s the policy landscape today?
– Valérie Boiten, Senior Policy Officer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Stakeholders weigh in: What is needed from EU and national policy makers? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current EU proposals?
– Sara Eriksson, Business expert Circular business models, H&M Group
– Louana Lamer, Head of EPR for textiles at Emmaüs France
– Hans Robben, Program Manager The Renewal Workshop, Bleckmann
– Roosmarie Ruigrok, Advisor circular textiles & Coordinator Denim Deal, City of Amsterdam

Final reflections from EU Commission, DG Environment
– Maria Rincon-Lievana, DG Environment, European Commission

Wrapping up & next steps
Michael Schragger, Director, The Sustainable Fashion Academy

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