The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

Climate Action Week
for Fashion & Apparel

The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

Climate Action Week for Fashion & Apparel

Keeping the Pressure On: Watchdogs & Climate Action

A variety of NGOs and watchdog oriented organizations have rightly been pressuring fashion and apparel companies and other industry actors to be much more accountable when it comes to climate action. What do they want and how will they get it?
Some of the key questions we covered in this session included:
What do these industry advocacy organizations and watchdogs want, is the industry living up to their demands, and will their demands lead to the emission reductions science says we need?
What is their strategy for achieving their goals?
Is industry resisting these demands or are some important industry actors aligned?


Urška Trunk, Campaign Manager, Changing Markets Foundation
Urška Trunk is a Campaign Manager at the Changing Markets Foundation, a Dutch non-profit formed to accelerate solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets. Since joining in 2017, she has led Foundations’ fashion campaigns addressing the issues surrounding the use of viscose and synthetic fibres.
Becca is the Senior Advocacy Manager at Remake – an advocacy organization that unites change makers in the fight for fair pay and environmental justice in the clothing industry. She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics, and a Masters in Sustainability Management, and in her current role she sits at the intersection of all of these areas. Becca works on advocacy on two broad fronts at Remake: The first is brand-facing, through the organization’s accountability assessment and reporting work. The second is on the policy front, helping to shape and advocate for worker-centred binding agreements and good legislation in the global fashion industry.

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