The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

Climate Action Week
for Fashion & Apparel

The Scandinavian Textile Initiative For Climate Action (STICA)

Climate Action Week for Fashion & Apparel

Is the Current Climate Strategy, as Currently Defined By Brands, Doomed to Fail? A Select Group of Manufacturers Weigh In

It has become more common in the industry to discuss the power imbalances between buyers and manufacturers and the need for equal partnerships, and that this power imbalance continues in the context of climate action. The argument is that the current approach to climate action by brands and buyers, with science-based targets as their measure of success, shifts the main responsibility to reach climate goals on manufacturers. Is this approach unfair, unrealistic and impractical? Who will pay for these investments? Will US and EU legislation help or hinder progress? Who should pay for climate action? We heard perspectives from a select group of manufacturers, including why they think the current approach is likely to fail and what they think are better strategies.


Saqib Shahzad, Head Of Sustainability, Sapphire
Experienced Head of Sustainability with a demonstrated history of working in the Spinning, Weaving, Processing and Apparel industry for more than With over 18 years. As the Head of Sustainability, Saqib has pioneered and executed a wide array of initiatives related to Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Energy Management Systems (EnMS), Integrated Management Systems (IMS), Water Management, Chemical Management, Waste Management, Climate Action, and Social Fairness. Saqib’s commitment to driving positive change within organizations is rooted in his extensive background and qualifications. He holds an MBA degree and has completed Lead Auditor Courses for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, ZDHC, Higg Index, Chemical Management, BSCI, and various other relevant certifications from different countries. Throughout his career, Saqib has consistently championed sustainable practices and ethical standards in the textile industry, both domestically and internationally. By leveraging his expertise and leadership skills, Saqib aspires to make a meaningful impact on the environment, society, and business performance.
Naurin Muzaffar, Advisor Sustainability, Crescent Bahuman (CBL)
Naurin has 20+ years of expertise working on supply chain sustainability issues and is considered an industry thought leader. Her role at CBL involves working as an advisor to help the organization develop and implement strategies to minimize its environmental impact and ensure an ethical workplace. Crescent Bahuman Limited (CBL) is a vertically integrated denim manufacturer located in Pakistan.

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