Pricing, Payment and Registra­tion

The price for one seat on The Sustainability Fundamentals course is 840€ (excluding VAT). Discounts are available for multiple seats, micro-businesses, non-profit organisations and students. A detailed explanation of these discounts is available below.

On this website, you can purchase one course seat at a time. If you are interested in group purchases and discounts, please contact us by e-mail.

Group Discounts

  • With purchase of 5 seats or more, the cost is discounted by 5%.
  • With purchase of 15 seats or more, the cost is discounted by 10%.
  • With purchase of 25 seats or more, the cost is discounted by 15%.
  • With purchase of 50 seats or more, the cost is discounted by 25%.
  • With purchase of 100 seats or more, the cost is discounted by 45%.

Discounts for Micro-businesses, Non-profit Organisations & Students

The following learners also qualify for an additional 20% discount on the above course fee:

  • Learners from a Micro-businesses

  • Learners from Non-profit Organisations / NGOs

  • Learners from Academic Institutions

  • Learners who are Fulltime Students

This means that the base price for one seat on the course is 672€. The volume discounts above also apply should learners purchase at least five seats on the course.

For detailed definitions of Micro-businesses, Non-profit Organisations or Students, click here.

If you are a member of one of SFA’s partner organizations, you may also be eligible for an additional discount. Please contact your representative for more information.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Sustainable Fashion Academy is based in Sweden and therefore must adhere to Swedish and EU law.

Purchasing the course in Sweden:

According to Swedish law, SFA must include a Value Added Tax of 25% in addition to the course fee. This means all private persons (students), companies, and organisations that are legally based in Sweden must pay an additional 25% when purchasing the course.

Purchasing the course within the EU, outside Sweden:

All private persons and students must pay 25% VAT according to EU law. Companies outside Sweden that operate in the EU are VAT exempt if they submit a valid EU VAT number when making a purchase. This includes non-profit organisations, academic institutions and other organisations provided they are VAT registered in their country and have a valid EU VAT number.

If you are purchasing this course from outside the EU, requirements vary:

– If you are a private person or student living outside the EU, you must pay the 25% VAT in addition to the course fee.

– If you are a non-profit organisation or representative of an academic institution, you must pay the 25% VAT in addition to the course fee.

– If you are a company outside the EU, you do not have to pay VAT. You do however need to provide your company’s registration number to prove you are based outside the EU.

Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions

Please review our Terms and Conditions.

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