What Members Are Saying About LIN

“SFA’s Learning and Innovation network is an exceptional way to understand and prepare for the regulation and legislation jungle in this ever-changing world of sustainability performance. Staying up to speed is hard. Very hard. Being a small sustainability team, we would not be able to do this on our own. We get help from the best of the best in the webinars arranged by the network. They make us feel more secure. And they always seem to zero in on what we currently are working on or wondering about. The webinars and material are also a great way to spread knowledge internally. These people are wise like a book.” – Pernilla Johansson, Corporate Communications Manager, Sustainability Strategist, Björn Borg

“SFA’s Learning & Innovation Network is especially unique because it is open to all types of employees in our organization. I have involved colleagues from marketing, legal, sales, etc… so they can also receive a detailed understanding of upcoming regulations. This ‘common knowledge’ has made it possible for us to have strategic discussions and make important strategic decisions.” – Karin Simondon, Global Sustainability Director, LTP Group

“Being a network member has not only saved us a lot of time and effort to find and make sense of new sustainability developements related to our industry, but it also provides information and insights that are appreciated by other parts of our organization. To have such knowledgeable people connected to the network is an amazing resource.” – Maria Schartau, CSR Coordinator, Snickers Workwear

Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Director of Sustainability, Lindex

How valuable has the Learning & Innovation Network been for you and for your company?
The network and its sessions have been extremely valuable, above all, in understanding the EU textile strategy and what we need to prepare to meet legal requirements going forward. It’s been very valuable to be able to invite colleagues form different departments and build knowledge more broadly within the organization. The presentations have been recorded which enable us to share within the organization and also watch again. Going forward it will be absolutely necessary to follow the development of the legislations, the time lines and forums for input. Since it focuses on the fashion and textile industry, the Q&A sessions have been very interesting and relevant as well as we share the same challenges.

What makes the Network unique?
This is the only network that focuses on coming legislation specifically and deep dives into the different modules of the EU Textile strategy. It also highlights best practice examples out there that are meeting coming legal demands. The sessions are broad enough for both experts and leaders within the companies and can be attended by a broad audience within the company.

Would you recommend the Network to other international companies, and if so, why?
I would recommend the network to any company who wishes to stay up to date with the coming EU legislation, how to prepare and get inspired by best practice examples. The more companies that join the network the better as there would be great opportunities to bring a common voice to the policy makers and practice advocacy from a common platform where we share the same information.

How have you used the Network to introduce key sustainability issues to your colleagues?
I have invited colleagues to the sessions that are relevant to them, I have also shared recordings and slides in internal communication to bring awareness and impact business strategies.

“As the CEO for a well-established and growing company, I need insight into the most current and relevant developments in our industry. I must also spend my time wisely. The information delivered by the Learning & Innovation Network is definitely worth my time. By focusing on the impacts for our business and by providing hands-on information the network provides a unique value to me and my senior level colleagues.” – Elisabeth Peregi, CEO, Kappahl

“For our company to succeed in this new landscape we need to integrate sustainability into the core of our business strategy and practices. And this means involving all functions in the business. That is why this network is helpful for Peak Performance. Not only am I as a sustainability manager able to learn and network with my peers, but I can also educate and support my colleagues in buying, production, marketing, logistic and finance to integrate sustainability into their work. Brands and retailers will be in for a shock if they do not stay up to date on the latest sustainability policies, regulations, and innovative solutions coming down the pipeline, and SFA is the best organisation to support our industry to stay ahead of this curve.” – Julia Bergh, R&D Manager/Interim Sustainability Manager, Peak Performance

“We are in the ‘decade of change’ and all of us in the textile industry have a steep learning curve ahead of us. We all need updated knowledge regarding the latest legislative developments, concrete and scientific facts for sustainability improvements and support for translating the learnings into action. This network addresses the need for top management buy-in, involvement of all key functions in the company and offers a strong voice of fact-based and scientific feedback to policy developers and other stakeholders. Sharing experiences enables us to create the necessary speed in the transition of our industry.” – Sandra Roos, VP Sustainability, Kappahl

Lina Ödeen, Head of Sustainability, Eton

How valuable has the Learning & Innovation Network been for you and your company?
The learning network has been a possibility for us to learn from our peers and other companies within the business that faces similar challenges. The webinars have been an eye-opener for all colleagues who have joined, and on the wave of regulation that is coming and how we can address the challenges that come with it.

What makes the Network unique?
There are two parts to this learning network that makes it unique: the exchange of experiences and the increased knowledge through curated webinars which targets the textile industry’s current challenges.

Would you recommend the Network to other international companies? And if so, why?
Absolutely – for the knowledge building through sessions curated particularly for the textile industry’s challenges within sustainability as well as an opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, and challenges with peers.

How have you used the Network to introduce key sustainability issues to your colleagues?
For each webinar, I invite the colleagues that would find that session most beneficial. With increased knowledge we can discuss these issues together and then address them step by step.

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