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“To date, more than 75.000 H&M Group employees have completed the H&M Fundamentals course developed and produced in partnership with the Sustainable Fashion Academy. Our goal is to have all H&M Group employees complete this course within the next year.” – Bastiaan Schutman, Project Manager Sustainability Department at H&M Group

“The Sustainability Fundamentals online course has helped our people become more informed on key sustainability issues and given them the confidence to be passionate advocates within the business. Those who have completed the course have raised the profile of our work internally, supporting the further integration of sustainability within our day-to-day operations. We are now firmly on the path to achieving our ambitious strategic goals and meeting our broader commitments to education on sustainability.” – Sue Williamson, Senior Sustainable Sourcing Associate at ASOS

“The Sustainability Fundamentals course has given me a broad and professional view of the sustainability issues and solutions connected to the fashion industry. I like that the course steered the focus towards the solutions and the positive side of an industry so dirty and unfair – this made me both hopeful and full of inspiration to contribute and influence companies in new ways towards more consciousness and sustainability.” – Nicole Modigh, Sustainability Consultant for businesses within planning & communication, Creator of sustainable art/design

“Being able to access the information collected in an easy and concrete way means that the knowledge can be processed in an agile and efficient way, in addition to having examples and people with specific knowledge. All the information of the Sustainability Fundamentals course and the way it is explained is very clear, this has given us a 360 vision of sustainability in fashion and the different elements that make it up.” Carolina Restrepo, Innovation, Development & Sustainability Director at MAAJI

“Commitment to sustainability has always been high among KappAhl’s coworkers, but we were surprised by the huge interest and impact generated among our coworkers following SFA ’s sustainability fundamentals online course and training. Even the most heavy topics and elements of the training, such as chemical use, were greatly appreciated. We see renewed interest in and motivation to work with specific sustainability practices. Over 100 purchasing department and production office coworkers at KappAhl are now working effectively to meet KappAhl’s goals.” – Eva Kindgren de Boer, Sustainability Manager at Kappahl

“The main benefit of taking the Sustainability Fundamentals course was for everyone to lose the fear of setting tougher targets in order to reach more sustainable goals going forward. Everyone understands the seriousness of the matter and is ready commit. Allowing the teams to set their own action plans to reduce our impact and do things in more sustainable ways will result in a better business case – there is no doubt about that.” – Nikol Rakic, Sourcing & Production Director at Peak Performance

“Fashion is a powerful communicator and a perfect tool for fashion influencers, editors, stylists, educators and activists to raise public awareness and make sustainability appealing and popular to the point when it becomes a norm which guides people’s everyday choices of wardrobe and individual style. SFA’s online course gave me exactly what I needed to learn about the issues of sustainability and circularity in fashion in a comprehensive and a concise way. It provided clear, well structured, deeply researched and well presented information and professional analysis of the current issues, as well as the examples of the most relevant industry solutions that already exist, while pointing in the directions where the innovations are urgently required.” – Olga Johnston Antonova, Founder of Circular Fashion Russia

“The Sustainability Fundamentals has been such a valuable education and well worth the money. Since it is very convenient to work on the course from wherever you are, you can easily fit studying into your day. With many years of experience as a freelance Fashion Designer and backed by my training with SFA, I’ve now started to work as a Sustainability Advisor and hope to help many brands to get on the right path.” – Milou Moelard Nord, Senior Designer and Sustainability Advisor at byMilou

“Since its inception, SFA has provided H&M with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate sustainability performance into our core business. Now that SFA is going online, we will be able to work more closely with SFA’s team to accelerate our progress, while at the same time supporting a platform that gives back to the entire industry.”

“The Sustainability Fundamentals course was very helpful in keeping me up to date with the latest innovations happening in sustainable fashion. Having worked as a sustainable independent Designer for the past 24 years, I throughly enjoyed learning about the progress of the movement, the statistics of its impact and the new ideas coming out of the industry. I found the various videos in the course very informative. Hearing directly from companies, learning about worldwide initiatives and seeing examples of the steps we can take to better our product was inspiring. The course helped me set a clear vision for our company.” – Kathleen Tesnakis, President/Designer at `e ko logic

“The SFA online training empowered our staff by creating critical awareness, inspiring them, and helping them think with new perspective from ‘outside the box’. Because of this training, our team started brainstorming new ideas and creating new and sustainable business opportunities. Once you have a clear vision and direction for your sustainability goals, you need to determine what to focus on—  to make sure your company can get there. Long-term sustainable success requires a holistic view of your business and understanding how all parts interact so your value chains are sustainable long-term. Collaborating with all stakeholders in the ecosystem and getting everyone on board is crucial. You can’t create this change by yourself.” – Elin Larsson, Sustainability Director & Management Team at Filippa K

“SFA’s training met one of our primary environmental strategy goals— specifically, to educate ourselves and develop vital awareness and knowledge about sustainability in the textile industry, so that we could more effectively work towards Inditex-Oysho’s sustainability goals. We took SFA’s online Sustainability Fundamentals course and are very pleased with the results.  The well thoughtful structure of the course, the robust content, the expert videos, the cases and many practical learnings to take from them— provided us with a great overview of our challenges while enabling us to lead our sustainability initiatives from a much stronger position.” – Chisco García, Manager of Sourcing & Sustainability at INDITEX – OYSHO

“The Sustainability Fundamentals course overall was a wonderful real life experience. I felt as though the skills and lessons I was provided delved me right into the fashion industry and helped me gain skills that could be implemented directly. Getting the chance to receive lessons from a variety of world leaders and industry workers not only made the content reliable but also very informative! While the course is a great place to gain new knowledge, it is also an opportunity to connect with others within the fashion industry. I believe that the more we discuss, co create and collaborate, the more we can create real change!” – Brittany Malvino, Master’s Student, Stockholm University – Degree in Fashion Studies

“SFA’s Sustainability Fundamentals course provided the perfect foundation and structure for driving internal conversations and actions at Peak Performance. I gathered my team on a regular basis to review the course material and complete the assignments. I also used the course material and meetings as tools to develop our sustainability strategy and create action plans for different functions within the company. Without The Sustainability Fundamentals course, this process would have taken a significantly longer time.” – Åsa Andersson, CSR & Quality Manager at Peak Performance

“It was a great opportunity for us to participate in the SFA program! Most important was the inspiration and enthusiasm that we felt during and after the course when sharing the knowledge and experience with our business colleagues. A wide spectra of lectures created a good info foundation for us when we set sails for our Swapstories project.  Sustainability is surely a complex issue, but we learned there are many – and many more – ways to keep on working.” – Helena Emanuelsson, Product Developer and Jacob von Matern, Hardware Designer, Haglöfs

“The companies who comprise the Fenix Outdoor Group aspire to be leaders in sustainability. For us this means being innovators in all our segments, constantly improving, demonstrating new solutions, and finding better ways to move forward. Our partnership with SFA is essential for ensuring our sustainability investments drive innovations and new processes.”  – Martin Axelhed, vVD Fenix, VD Fjällräven

“SFA’s course is well structured, very digestible and the wider reading supports the core curriculum in an engaging way. I am thoroughly inspired by all the different case studies and it is enlightening to learn more about influential people who are already making huge changes throughout the industry. As a student, I could really feel that I was participating with a large, international network of likeminded collaborators, and I know that I will continue to apply the acquired knowledge for years to come.” – Jennie McGuirk, Creative Director & Design Strategist at Sunrise Brands

“H&M partnered with SFA for a staff-engagement sustainability training programme that centred on sustainability information, education and activation. Our goal was to build knowledge, understanding and commitment among our staff, particularly among colleagues whose decisions had a significant impact on sustainable practices. Though the task was rather challenging, since supply chain processes and decisions, for example, can be very complicated, all course participants were able to quickly and effectively apply and integrate sustainability into key decisions and daily tasks, and the response among the hundreds of colleagues that took SFA’s Sustainability training was very positive.” – Alexander Von Aufschnaiter, Sustainability Business Expert at H&M Hennes & Mauritz

“I warmly recommend SFA’s Sustainability Fundamentals course. The scope of the course - from fibre development to the end of a product’s first life - provided practical insights crucial for integrating sustainability into my daily work.”

“As Sustainability Manager in Supply Chain for Footwear at INDITEX, I oversee the improvement and monitoring of social, environmental, and health and safety of product conditions in our supply chain, including all footwear factories of the Inditex Group and the bag manufacturers for Zara. At Inditex, we needed to develop a common language and increased awareness about sustainability in the fashion industry. The SFA training and online course achieved this, and it also enabled us to focus on the specific challenges we faced and their needed solutions. Our experience with SFA was positive— the training was convenient, relevant, tailored to our needs, and enabled us to move forward with clear and positive actions with focus.” – Alejandro Pertusa, Sustainability Manager in Supply Chain for Footwear at Inditex

“SFA courses are excellent tools that provide our staff with the necessary competence to integrate sustainability performance into our daily business decisions, a necessity to reach our ambitious sustainability goals. As a result, we have a growing base of sustainability ambassadors considering these complex matters, and spreading knowledge both in and outside our company. Sustainability truly is a team sport.” – Eva Mullins, Sustainability Manager at Haglöfs

“As a Designer, I feel that I have a lot of responsibility to make better choices and that my choices can create a large impact, so getting all the information about sustainability is important to me. I thoroughly enjoyed SFA’s sustainability fundamentals course and felt that they had taken the time to pull together unique content that directly spoke to impacts I could make as well as inspiring initiatives outside of my realm.” – Ariel Bishop, Designer at Athleta

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