Case Study

Kathleen Tesnakis President/Designer, `e ko logic; Master garment recycler, Grass Roots Educator

Why did you choose to educate and train yourself?

I have been a sustainable recycling fashion designer since 1996. There has been world wide progress in the field recently and I wanted to be up to date in my knowledge. My staff, customers, colleagues, and community rely on me to keep them inspired and educated on the issues of sustainable fashion and manufacturing. I am often asked to speak to the public about living a sustainable life. This course gave me more to share.

How important is leadership when integrating sustainability into businesses, and for transforming the industry?

Leadership means taking action, being a role model and staying committed. When I started out to grow my green business, I dedicated myself to making sustainability accessible to everyone. I wanted to take the deprivation out of the eco minded culture so that others would be more inclined to make the leap and change to a sustainable eco minded lifestyle. I created recycled products that celebrate personal expression through diversity. If you are willing to stand out in a crowd in an all recycled fashion item, you are more likely to use your individual voice to create change.

What advice do you have for other companies planning to engage, educate or train their staff on sustainability topics?

Take your first step. Becoming sustainable in business and life is a thoughtful process and will build overtime. Leave the guilt and worry behind. Taking action, remaining present, making it safe for others to find their own way is the most productive method. Once you gently lead and educate, allowing people to find joy in process, you will make lasting changes.

What advice do you have for other companies now planning to get the most of the SFA sustainability fundamentals course and SFA’s services overall?

Jump in! You will find it rewarding.

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